Rocket Pack Something is throwing a party!

Hey there internet! Ajax here! I meant to swing by and post about this earlier in the week but my jetpack ran out of fuel and it took me days to find some so I could get back to Earth and make this post!

So one thing that Rocket Pack Something has always wanted to do since the start of this website was to host different events around Denver (perhaps one day we can take this show on the road, but for now we’re stuck in Colorado). We’ve also been hard at work filming some skits. One of which you may have seen the “Coming Soon” page for since the website has launched called “Dramatic Readings.”

“Well, Ajax,” you may be thinking, “how the hell long is ‘soon’ anyways?!”

Well, soon. Likely after the new year. However, there’s also another page you may have noticed while rocketing around this website known as Unkl Grimley. Outside of our podcasts we offer this is a the project we may be most excited for and have been focusing on getting off the ground, which is where the whole “local events” part comes in…

We’ve talked about it on Facebook and Twitter, but in case you haven’t heard yet, Rocket Pack Something is throwing an event on December 9th which starting around 7pm at Grandma’s House (1710 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80210). Check out this killer flier Hiram made for the event:

Unkl Grimley’s Horror for the Holidays Double Feature Spooktacular?! Whaaaaat?! That sounds awesome, right?! Horror double feature to get this crazy holiday filled month started with 2 surprise horror films and great beer brewed on site at Grandma’s House! But this isn’t even the best part, my friends!

Unkl Grimley and his spooky friends will be there to introduce not only the films (here’s the best part!) but will also be debuting the first Unkl Grimley episode which will then be available here the next day! So come on by to Grandma’s House this Saturday and check out our newest show premiering a full day before anyone else will be able to see it! We’ll also have a handful of Rocket Pack Something stickers to hand out – proof that you’re cooler than anyone else and have been a part of this awesome website before we sell out and become world famous!

Can’t wait to see all of you there!



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